Twitter Moments in Journalism

Twitter Moments are curated stories showcasing the very best of what’s happening on Twitter. The moments are customized to show you stories or news that is relevant. Moments can range from news stories to sports results to viral videos and more.

Twitter users can gather a group of relevant tweets around the particular story and put them in one easily viewable format. They are usually made up of a combination of Tweets from verified users or news outlets along with reaction or user generated content from the general public.

On desktop, there are different tabs that allow users to pick from categories of moments. There are sports, news, entertainment and fun tabs. The sports tab allows users to engage with moments to see game highlights as well as stats and information about trades.

The entertainment tab is great for people that want to keep up with celebrity news or lifestyle topics. It covers a wide range of information from TV show highlights to issues going on in Hollywood such as the sexual assault cases occurring today.

Users can create their own moment on mobile or desktop, pulling content from verified users as well as random people on Twitter. Someone creating a moment can search for a topic, users or hashtags in order to gather tweets about whatever they are passionate enough about to create a moment about.

Moments can be extremely useful in the journalism world because they allow people to compile content from a variety of sources on the site to tell a multimedia story that will paint a picture for a viewer in order to make them feel as though they are really in the 'moment'.

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