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I have been a part of HiFashion Studios in one way or another since my freshman year. I began as a fashion editor of the magazine, where I wrote articles and styled models for photoshoots. 

Then I worked as a stylist for the organization's fashion show, where I was responsible for reaching out to local vendors in Ithaca area for clothing donations, styling models for promotional photo shoots and style models and manage their quick changes during the show each semester.

This year I have been on the creative and marketing/advertising teams. I helped create the concept of the fall semester fashion show, which played a large role in the organization's rebranding. I helped execute the show itself by directing models and setting up the venue. 

As a marketing team member, I have created Facebook events for our fundraisers, as well as content that is used on the organization's social media channels and distributed to organization members' social media channels in order to promote the spring show. In preparing for the show, I also posted Instagram content to correlate with the show's theme.

Here are some examples of graphics I made for show promotion:










This is our Instagram account that I helped maintain to promote the show:

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